How are institutions processed through individual human beings? How do they intersect and permeate human bodies? What is the effect of institutions on the individual and how does the individual in turn affect social structures? Michelle Burdine’s study of the humanities built the foundation for her visual exploration of socially constructed systems. Her work attempts to understand and make visible the physical, psychogenic, and material interchanges between social institutions and personhood. Repetition, landscape, organic materials, and story-telling play reoccurring roles in her sociological investigations.

Michelle Burdine earned a Master of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University in 2019; a Master of Humanities from Wright State University in 2013; and a BA in humanities from Antioch Midwest in 2005. Burdine worked in the commercial photography industry for thirteen years before transitioning to academia. She has been teaching photography at the post-secondary level since 2007. Michelle is currently the Visiting Lecturer of Photography at Murray State University.

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